Our staff is here to make you smile. Funny - this comes quite natural.

In order to deliver an experience that's remarkable, we’ve created a team that puts our guests first. With a diverse skill set and backgrounds that impress, this is our team:

mark hewlett, d.m.d.

Dr. Hewlett is a 2000 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia (Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry) and a 2005 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. His fascination with dentistry began in sixth grade when he was prescribed braces.

diane haugen, office manager

Working in the industry for several years, Diane understands what it takes to provide an inviting experience to our guests. From front-desk duties to even sitting in on procedures, Diane is a versatile and valuable member of our staff.

laura fox, r.d.h.

For being in the industry only a short time, Laura has a tremendous amount of experience under her belt. She’s worked in several practices (by choice of course), learning the nuances of being a skilled and comforting hygienist.

shelbie lockhart, dental assistant

Excelling since her first day, Shelbie has been a nice fit for our practice. She has a great chair-side manner and does whatever she can to make sure your visit is painless and enjoyable.